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Facilitating International Collaboration

The International Institute for Environmental Studies has grown out of international collaborations among a number of universities around the globe that have leading programs in environmental science, engineering and policy.

While every institution recognizes the importance of internationalization and especially of providing opportunities for students and faculty to be involved in research of an international scale, most institutions also recognize that there is room for improvement in how this experience is delivered. The Institute is a response to this need.

国际环境科学中心已经与多所国际知名大学展开合作。 这些大学在环境科学,环境工程和环境规划方面处于全球领先位置。

当前每个科研机构都意识到了国际化的重要性,特别是在国际范围内的学术交流方面还有很大的提升空间。 国际环境科学中心致力于为每个机构的老师和学生提供一个全球范围的学术交流平台。

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