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Planting seeds by hand in freshly tilled soil


Mar 06 2017 - May 15 2017


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Soil Contamination and Remediation: Live E-lecture Series

Course Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Graham (University of Edinburgh)

Contributors: Edinburgh, ETH, Florida, Keele, Montreal, Nanjing

Content Outline 

Part 1 – Introductory Lectures

L1 (06/03)          Bioavailability of Metals in Contaminated Soils (Sauve/Montreal)

L2 (13/03)          Background concentrations of trace metals in soils (Ma/Florida)

L3 (20/03)          Characterisation of Cr(VI)-Contaminated Urban Soils (Graham/UoE)

L4 (27/03)          Antimony behaviour in shooting range soils (Schulin/ETH)

Part 2 – Contaminant Remediation – Case Studies

L5 (03/04)          Remediation Methods for high-pH Cr(VI)-Contaminated Soils (Graham/UoE)

L6 (10/04)          Earthworm-enhanced Remediation of Soil with Organic Contaminants (Ji/Nanjing)

L7 (17/04)          Remediation of Mercury-contaminated Farming Soils (Zhong/Nanjing)

L8 (24/04)         Phytoremediation of As-contaminated soils (Ma/Florida)

Part 3 – Environmental Risk Assessment and Regulation

L9 (01/05)          Principles and practise of terrestrial ecotoxicology (Oliver/Keele)

L10 (08/05)       Terrestrial ecotoxicology for chemical risk assessment (Oliver/Keele)

L11 (15/05)        Case studies for retroactive and proactive soil risk assessments (Shaun Watmough/Trent University)

Download Complete Outline and Lecture Synopses (pdf)

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