Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)


Research Interests

  • Natural water (bio)geochemistry
    • Monitoring and modelling water quality
    • Surface and groundwater pollution and remediation
    • Surface and groundwater interaction
    • Identification of water pollution sources and hydrogeochemical processes in natural waters by biogeochemical technology
    • Saltwater intrusion and management
    • Origin of groundwater
  • Geochemical change by management of artificial recharge
  • Applied technology such as modelling, GIS, and geophysics for water resources management
  • Land subsidence by groundwater extraction
  • Sustainable management of groundwater resources

Currently, I have several projects on coastal water quality and assessment the resilience of coastal zone, hydro(bio)geochemical processes controlling the fate of As in groundwater, and groundwater vulnerability assessment.

I teach several courses such as environmental monitoring, the geochemistry of natural waters and water quality management

Research Interests

  • Research on the treatment of heavy metals in water by microorganisms
  • Study on the ability of enzyme synthesis of cellulase from Actinomyces griseus
  • Microorganic organic fertilizer
  • Isolating and identifying the ability to degrade antibiotic of microorganisms in hospital sewage
  • Study on biochip for determining E.coli in aquatic environment
  • Identification of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in hospital wastewater
  • Monitoring of plant protection substances in water environment of national parks
  • Environmental monitoring by automated ship vehicle in combination with IoT

Research Interests

  • Water and wastewater treatment technology
  • Advanced oxidation process for wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater reuse technology


Research Interests

  • Chemical solutions to treat groundwater contaminated with heavy metals (e.g. arsenic)
  • The impact of human and natural factors on coastal zones
  • Correlation between arsenic content in groundwater and organic arsenic content in agricultural products
  • Mechanism of arsenic release in groundwater and sediment in the Mekong Delta
  • Origins and causes of arsenic contamination in groundwater
  • Impacts of climate change and human activities on water resources, cities and adaptation strategies for sustainable development.
  • Collection and utilization of rainwater for use in urban areas
  • Effects of climate change on the discharge, quality and saltwater intrusion capacity of the Saigon River and propose appropriate adaptation solutions
  • Classification and assessment of groups of climate change adaptation solutions and implementation experiences are being applied to different levels, sizes, specific geographical regions and development levels of the economy
  • Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for water resources management in coastal cities of Southeast Asia


  • Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for water resources management in coastal cities of Southeast Asia

Vo Nguyen Xuan Que

Lecturer and Assistant Professor

Lab of Environmental Analysis (Head) Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (FENR)

Research Interests

  • Effects of climate change on ecosystems and biological feedback on GHGs
  • Sustainable wastewater treatment
  • Desalination

Research Interests

  • Material science
  • Physico-chemical engineering
  • Biological engineering

Research Interests

  • exhaust gas and indoor environment, and odors
  • Nanomaterials for water and wastewater treatment: adsorption, catalysis, photocatalysis, persulfate activation, electro-Fenton, heterogeneous Fenton, advanced oxidation processes for nutrients, organics, and contaminants of emerging concerns
  • Solid wastes as resources for preparation of bio-/nano-materials: rice husk, biochar, sludges from industry, and water/wastewater treatment

Research Interests

  • Solid waste engineering and management
  • Waste thermal and energy conversion technology (combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification
  • Green material technology (preparing adsorbent and catalyst from waste or biomass)
  • Air pollution control during thermal treatment methods.
  • The migration, transformation and control of pollutants during treatment.




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Le Thi Huynh Tram


Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (FENR),

Research Interests

  • Application of microbiology in agriculture, environmental treatment and medicine.
  • Involvement of Protein O-mannosylstranferase on the secondary metabolite Sterigmatocystin in Aspergillus nidulans.
  • Application of molecular biology techniques in microbial phylogenetic analysis.

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