Keele University


Research Interests

My research interests are in the fields of environmental governance. My past research has focused on the regeneration of urban brownfields, domestic energy conservation, and urban development. My current research examines prefigurative grassroots action and the political institutions of a green state as part of the ESRC-funded Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP

Robert Ladrech

Professor of European Politics

School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment (SPIRE)

Research Interests

Professor Ladrech explores the connections between party politics and climate policy. He is particularly interested in progressive parties across Europe and how they are able to influence government and international climate mitigation policy.

Research Interests

I have broad research interests spanning i) the behaviour, fate and bioavailability of contaminants in the environment; ii) nutrient fluxes in soil and aquatic systems; iii) the use of novel, recycled materials in soil remediation; and iv) terrestrial ecotoxicology.

Zoe Robinson

Reader in Physical Geography and Sustainability; Director of Education for Sustainability

School of Geography, Geology and Environment

Research Interests

Education for Sustainable Development; emergence of the discipline of sustainability science; groundwater in glacial systems.

Research Interests

My research focuses on applying sclerochronology (which is similar to dendrochronology) to marine bivalves for the purposes of investigating marine environmental variability over the last ~200 years. Currently my research is being undertaken on the long-lived bivalve Arctica islandica from the fjords of N. W. Scotland.

Research Interests

Impact of environmental change on glacial and permafrost environments. Glacial geomorphology and the reconstruction of past ice sheets. Interactions between glaciers and permafrost.

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