Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA)


Research Interests

  1. Biogeochemistry of main elements, especially related to acid rain and its impacts on soils.
  2. Mercury and methylation processes in the boreal and temperate environment.
  3. Organic micro pollutants (POPs and emerging contaminants) and their effects on the eco-system and human health and links between climate change.
  4. Environmental policy regarding international convention (Stockholm convention and Minamata Convention).

Research Interests

  1. Catchment modelling of phosphorus, DOC and organic contaminants
  2. Ecological risk assessment
  3. Mercury methylation and uptake in rice paddy ecosystem
  4. Environmental policy on mercury (Minamata Convention)

Research Interests

  1. Mercury bioaccumulation in fish
  2. Boreal forest biogeochemistry
  3. Arctic research and sampling

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