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New IIES Member: National Institute of Science & Technology on Continent-Ocean Materials Transfer, Brazil

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The IIES is pleased to welcome our newest member, the National Institute of Science & Technology on Continent-Ocean Materials Transfer (INCT-TMCOcean), Brazil. The MOU, signed in April 2024, between the IIES and the INCT-TMCOcean aims to facilitate cooperation in the academic and research missions of IIES’s members in the areas of related ecosystem services, biodiversity, regional and global changes.

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About INCT-TMCOcean

The INCT-TMCOcean encompasses a network of 11 universities and research institutions in Brazil and 6 abroad, with headquarters at the Federal University of Ceará in Northeastern Brazil.

Image: Dr. Luiz Drude de Lacerda, Coordinator of INCT-TMCOcean and Professor Emeritus Douglas Evans, Director of the IIES signing the MOU Agreement

The INCT-TMCOcean aims to bring transversality to the understanding of the processes controlling the transfer of materials at the continent-ocean interface and their interactions with ecosystem services, biodiversity, regional and global changes, and association with productive activities and the sustainable use of the coastal region in the Anthropocene. Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of regional inequalities regarding the fixation and training of human resources and scientific development; as well as promoting Citizen Science and Environmental Education as strategies to popularize results and access to qualified information in a way that is accessible to society in general and traditional populations in particular, and in this way to better face environmental changes. In this way, the INCT-TMCOcean intends to provide society with the knowledge, understanding and forecasting capacity necessary to assess, anticipate and respond to the pressures and impacts that determine environmental changes on the continent-ocean interaction and their consequences for social well-being in the scenario of the Anthropocene.

The agreement with the IIES fits entirely into the INCT-TMCOcean’s mission. Both research and training networks are complementary in their aims and goals relative to science and capacity building to face the challenges of a changing world. The agreement will provide the formal as well as infrastructural basis for the increasing exchange of students and researchers mobility, through joint research and training activities between members of the two networks.

To learn more about this institute, please visit the link below. You can also check out INCT-TMCOcean‘s faculty profiles on our membership page.

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