The IIES Congratulates Dr. Fengchang Wu on Distinguished Academician Appointment

November 2017, Dr. Fengchang Wu was elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences. Being elected Academician is one of the highest honours for scientists in China. The IIES would like to express our utmost congratulations to Dr. Wu on this great honour. Dr. Wu is the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria … Read more

International Post-Doctoral Support Program

Students enrolled in the International Post-Doctoral Support Program

This year the IIES is pleased to support a new cooperation between post-doctoral fellows and partner universities, the IIES International Post-Doctoral Support Program. The program facilitates post-doctoral fellows to work with collaborative groups from various IIES universities, each post doc is supervised by two or more faculty from the coordinating universities.  A portion of the … Read more

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