Test Page

The purpose of this test page is to allow you to test and experiment with the block editor.

You can use this page to test layouts, text effects or image placement before doing so on a “live” page, post or event.

A few block elements have been added as examples. Feel free to play around with them, and / or use this page as a place to leave private notes on how to achieve things with the block editor.

This is an unordered (bulleted) list:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • bananas

This is an ordered (numbered) list:

  1. List item one
  2. List item two
  3. List item three
    1. nested list item a
    2. nested list item b
  4. List item four

The light gray background has been applied to a ‘container’ block. A container is basically a box you can put stuff in; in this case a 3 column “grid”.

In addition to adding a background colour, 10px of padding has been added to the top, right, bottom & left edges of the container – using the block attributes in the right column of the editor.

You don’t have to place grids in a container, but doing so allows you to move the entire container up & down on the page using the arrows in the floating block toolbar.

Just an image with a sample caption.

This is the second column of the grid. When adding grids, it’s important to add a bit of padding to each grid. Again 10px of padding has been added to each side (top, right, bottom, left).

On mobile devices, you’ll notice each of these grids is stacked vertically.

You can change the order of these 3 grids using the left & right arrows in the floating block toolbar.

Here’s an example of an embedded video using the YouTube block:

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