International Graduate Student Online Seminar Series | May 15-July 24 2019

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International Graduate Student Online Seminar Series 2019

The IIES and Trent University Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Program is pleased to launch the International Graduate Student Online Seminar Series. The series starts on May 15 and runs every other week until the end of July. The lectures will be live and begin at 9:00 AM EDT. Each session will feature two 30-minute talks from participating graduate students. Following the seminar, the speaker will participate in an online discussion with the audience, providing an opportunity for participants from around the world to ask questions and gain insight on the topic.

The seminar series will explore environmental science topics as they relate to global environmental issues. Topics include:

  • Novel Analytical and Applied Technologies
  • Water, Land, and Atmosphere Interactions
  • Ecological Issues and Biodiversity
  • Environmental Protection and Management
  • Aquatic System Modeling and Management
  • Contaminant Sources, Fate, and Mitigation

Why get involved?

This seminar series provides an exclusive opportunity for graduate students around the world to gain experience in presenting their research to an international audience. At the end of each session, the facilitated dialogue will provide a forum for graduate students to exchange ideas on the session theme. As an IIES-ENLS initiative, for graduate students by grad students, this series offers a space for postgraduate students to share ideas and questions freely, providing a unique collaborative learning environment. The series is an opportunity for those who have participated in other IIES events to continue to develop their connections with colleagues from partner institutions, and an opportunity for newcomers to start to build these relationships.


May 15

9:00 AM

Human stress recovery hampered by grayed city landscape
Jianxun Yang, PhD
Nanjing University, School of the Environment
9:30 AM
PAHs in soils: from sources to exposures


Peng Gao, PhD
University of Florida, Soil and Water Sciences Department
May 29

9:00 AM

Assessment of soil remediation using water treatment residuals
Karrar Arab, PhD Candidate
Keele University, Geography, Geology and the Environment
9:30 AM
Same same but different: Wetland plants vary in glyphosate sensitivity and uptake
Verena Sesin, PhD Candidate
Trent University, Environmental and Life Sciences Program
June 12

9:00 AM

Edgy conservation: Canada at-risk plant species are overwhelmingly range-edge populations and under-studied
Sandra Klemet, MSc Candidate
Trent University, Biology Department
June 26

9:00 AM

Opportunities for embodied carbon reductions and carbon capture and storage in building materials
Chris Magwood, MA Candidate
Trent University, Sustainability Studies
9:30 AM
Synthesis of ettringite and thaumasite analogues and their potential use as remediation materials
Rebecca Rae, PhD Candidate
University of Edinburgh, Chemistry Department
July 10

9:00 AM

Synergies in sequential biochar systems
Christian Wurzer, PhD Candidate
University of Edinburgh
July 24

9:00 AM

Assessing changes in aboveground biomass on a recovering industrial landscape using vegetation indices applied to LandSAT images


Patrick Levasseur, PhD Candidate


Trent University, Environmental and Life Sciences Program


9:30 AM
Biosorption of rare earth elements: an overview


Ainsely Lewis
Trent University, Environmental and Life Sciences Program


May 15 2019 - Jul 24 2019


9:00 am - 10:30 am



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