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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

If you are approved for a travel grant from the IIES, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the IIES director. Once you receive that letter, you can either submit a claim for a travel advance before the trip or submit a claim for reimbursement for the travel expenses after the trip. Here are the items you will need to submit a claim:

  • Travel Grant Letter
  • Receipts (airfare, taxis, Uber, etc.)
  • Boarding Passes

*Please indicate in the travel grant amount in the description

How to Request a Travel Advance

This option is only available to students and faculty from Trent University. To request a travel advance, you need to submit a claim through Chrome River through your myTrent Portal. Please see this document on how to request and clear a travel advance. This involves 3 steps:

  1. Obtain Pre-Approval to Request a Cash Advance
  2. Complete an Expense Report to Deposit Funds
  3. Clear the Cash Advance from your Chrome River Account

When submitting your claim, please remember to upload your Travel Grant Letter to the documents section of the claim. Please ensure to indicate the grant total in the description. In addition, please remember to clear your cash advance after the trip. This involves creating a new expense report and uploading your receipts and boarding passes. Instructions on how to do this is in the document provided above.

How to Request a Reimbursement

For Trent Students and Faculty

To submit a claim for reimbursement, you do not need to submit a pre-approval. You can go directly into creating a new Expense through Chrome River. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. Please be sure to upload all documents outlined above including your travel grant letter, receipts, and boarding passes. Please ensure to indicate the grant total in the description.

For International Students and Faculty

For students and faculty who received a travel grant and are from institutions other than Trent University, please submit all receipts and boarding passes to Raquel Scott as soon as possible following the trip to avoid any delays. Raquel will also need the following information from you for reimbursement:

  • Home address
  • Banking information (account, institution, and branch numbers)

If your institution paid for your travel and the institution needs to be reimbursed by the IIES, please have them send an invoice to Raquel Scott with the travel grant amount, institution information, and banking information included on the invoice.

Research pertaining to any of the IIES four pillars will be accepted as relevant to our Workshop. The four pillars of the IIES include:

  1. Environmental Processes
    • Sources, fate, transformations
    • Deposition and Accumulation of Contaminant
    • Atmospheric, hydrological and other environmental processes
    • Interactions among air/water soil environments
    • Climate change
  1. Environmental Health
    • Relationships between people and their environments
    • Ecosystem and human responses to environmental change
    • Toxicology
    • Implications of exposures to environmental hazards
  1. Green and Novel Technologies
    • New approaches to carbon mitigation
    • Waste and water treatment
    • Renewable resources
    • Sustainable agriculture
  1. Environmental Policy
    • Circular economy
    • Climate policy
    • Food systems policy
    • Ecological Management

Additional topics may be included in specific workshops. If you are still unsure if your research is relevant, please get in touch with us. 

The IIES will provide travel grants for select students. The travel grants provided will either cover the full amount or partial amount of the travel expenses – this changes each year. The IIES also covers the registration fees, accommodations and select event meals for all faculty and students during the Workshop and Graduate Student Forum. More details will be provided per event.

Yes, of course! The IIES will cover the registration fees, accommodations and select event meals for all faculty and students during the Workshop and Graduate Student Forum. Travel grants may be available for faculty members. Please reach out to Raquel or Doug for more details on this.

If you are applying for and receive an IIES travel grant, you must attend both the Workshop and Graduate Student Forum. You are not required to present your work at the Workshop, but you will be required to present at the Graduate Student Forum.

If you do not require a travel grant, you can choose to participate in either event. 

Yes, you are welcome to attend the field trips or any planned group excursions during the trip. If possible, you are also encouraged to participate in the Graduate Student Forum in some capacity.

Participants who do not wish to make a presentation are welcome to attend. Those who do not wish to make a platform presentation may want to have a poster presentation instead (please see below for size requirements). As a student, you are not required to present at the Workshop, you are only required to present a 5-min presentation at the Graduate Student Forum. That being said, we do strongly encourage students to present, as it provides a great opportunity for students to network and practice presenting their research in large professional settings with colleagues in similar feilds of research.

If you are presenting two different presentations, you should submit two separate abstracts, otherwise, only one abstract is necessary. Please adapt your abstracts according to the different audiences at both events and clearly label each document with the correct event name (Workshop vs. Grad Forum).

Yes, if you plan to present a lecture at either the Workshop and/or Graduate Student Forum, we ask that you submit an abstract for your talk. This way we can ensure your talk will be part of the program.

The location of the events change every year. Please check the Events page for more information, or contact us here. Travel, accommodation, and conference details are all updated as the event dates get closer, so please check the events page for up to date information.

Students who are recipients of an IIES Travel grant will share a room with another student for both the Workshop and Grad Forum. Please contact us if you have any accommodation questions for an upcoming event.

Breakfast will be provided at the hotel(s) in the morning. There will be coffee/tea and snack breaks during the conferences, and some lunches and dinners will be covered during the trip. Specifics will be provided closer to the event.

Feel free to explore the city and discover local restaurants for any other meals. 

You can submit your abstract when you register for the event online. If your abstract is not ready at that time, or you forget to attach the file, you can email the document to Raquel Scott at . Please check the corresponding event page for details on abstract submission deadlines. The earlier you submit your abstract, the better.

The poster size guidelines may change per event, but the standard size typically used is A1 (23.4″ x 33.1″). If you are not told otherwise, then please use this size suggestion.

No. You are responsible for your own presentation. Please bring a USB with your presentation uploaded to be easily connected and displayed at the conference.

The schedule for the workshop and graduate student forum will be provided to you closer to the event date. You will receive a USB with the schedule uploaded on it at the conference as well as an emailed copy of the schedule leading into the event date.

Absolutely! Current graduate students are welcome to register for our IIES Workshops and Graduate Student Forums. However, preference is given to those students who have not attended a conference previously. That being said, if we have the availability and funding, we will still allow repeat students to attend. We recommend that you register early to get on the top of our list!

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