Professor Huy Dang (Trent University) receives notable award from the Vietnamese Government

The IIES congratulates Professor Huy Dang from Trent University, who was awarded the Golden Globe in Science and Technology for early-career scientists from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam. 

Every year the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology honours ten early-career scientists with awards in Medicine, Biology, Information Technology, Environment, and Material Science. The Ministry looks at overall performance in research, service, and impacts of research contributions. Professor Dang, who was initially nominated by the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada, was awarded in Environmental Science.

Professor Dang expressed that the award will help develop bilateral research programs between Vietnam and Canada and between Trent University, the IIES, and Vietnamese institutions. Both countries announced in 2017 the Comprehensive Partnership that identifies several areas for cooperation, including cultural and academic exchange, science, technology, and innovation. Professor Dang has already begun to initiate a few collaborative projects in Vietnam. Notably, the national-level strategic grant to investigate the South of Vietnam’s pollution sources where he is a key researcher. Professor Dang hopes to continue to promote future collaborations between faculty and students of Trent University and IIES members. 

On winning the award, Professor Dang states, “I receive this honour with deep gratitude and great humility. It means a lot to me to be receiving this award from my home country for the contributions I have made internationally, in France, Canada, China, Croatia, and Vietnam. I want to acknowledge the tremendous support of my tutors, colleagues, collaborators, and students. It is evident that the international dimensions are key to start new discussions, build bridges, and promote equity and diversity in science. I believe it reflects at best the vision of the IIES.” 

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