Edinburgh 2018 | 4th Annual Workshop

Edinburgh 2018 | 4th Annual Workshop

  July 1-3, 2018, University of Edinburgh hosted the Institute’s 4th Annual Science and Policy Workshop. The Workshop was held at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. This year we had over 90 participants from 11 international universities and institutions. Starting the sessions off were our plenary speakers: Mr Andrew Bissell (SunAmp Ltd), Mr Max … Read more

International Post-Doctoral Support Program

Students enrolled in the International Post-Doctoral Support Program

This year the IIES is pleased to support a new cooperation between post-doctoral fellows and partner universities, the IIES International Post-Doctoral Support Program. The program facilitates post-doctoral fellows to work with collaborative groups from various IIES universities, each post doc is supervised by two or more faculty from the coordinating universities.  A portion of the … Read more

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